Strategic Risk Management (1 LU)

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MyProfessionalNet (a Division of Riverton Insurance Agency Corp.) is a Registered Provider with the American Institute of Architects. Credit earned upon completion of this program will be reported for AIA members and Certificates of Completion are available upon request. 

This course is registered with the AIA/CES for continuing professional education. It does not include content that suggests an approval or endorsement by the AIA of any materials, methods or use, distribution or dealing with such materials or methods. Questions related to specific content within the presentation will be addressed at the end of the presentation. 

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In the present-day design environment, it is of utmost importance for professionals to comprehend and navigate potential risks strategically. This course aims to provide participants with skills and knowledge to assess and mitigate liabilities effectively. Participants will explore techniques for minimizing risks connected to innovative designs and materials, develop expertise in managing project risks associated with surveyor services, and understand best practices for minimizing and preventing risks. This knowledge will enable them to make well-informed decisions and attain favorable project results.

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